36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I have just completed my 8th month of pregnancy & now my 9th month is running. Today I am suffering from cold and have sneezing a lot since afternoon. In the evening when I went for urinate, suddenly I got a sneeze & due to which there was a very little pinkish discharge came out of my vagina. But later on when I went for urinate again, nothing has happened. After that whenever I use to urinate nothing has came out except urine. Is everything normal? Plz help.

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Answer: Yes it is safe if your doctor advised you the same. It is used to check for any vaginal infection occurred during pregnancy. May b u have received 3 tables for 3 nights. You just have to insert the tablet into your vagina before going to sleep. Next morning when u go for urinate, it will automatically come out in powdered form which shows everything is fine. You may consult to you doctor also
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Answer: You have to check again after 3-4 days more.. Please like my answer
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Answer: Hii dear in such case u shouldn't take it liberally . We all are well aware about the problem and taking such incident very lightly can gives a major problem for ur baby. We have to be responsible towards our baby well being. Will advise u to visit to doctor once and see what can be done to avoid any further issue I just wish for the best for ur baby
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Answer: Nothing to worry , unless you don't feel moments of baby , if you don't feel any moment then go to doctor immidiately
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