40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi ....I have joined 29th week. I am having pain at lower abdomen and lower back and it travels to my legs as well. I have problem of kidney stone. Am really worried. Why this pain is there? Will it effect baby.. scared ke khi pre term na ho ... plz guide and help...thanks

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Answer: Some common causes include: Cramping– You may experience sharppain due to the cramping that occurs from the uterus expanding. Gas and Bloating. ... Round Ligament Pain– Round ligament pain can occur duringsecond trimester and can cause a sharp pain in the abdomen on eit er or both sides.... its common now...dont worry get ur gyno recommendation and do some proper excercise
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Question: Hi am 34 week pregnant today I had mild stomach pain and stomach tightening...is it normal? I am very scared about pre term labour.... Pls guide me
Answer: Dear mild ache is ok. Sometimes it happens because of indigestion. If you feel pain like periods cramps or more than that then it may be sign of delivery. You are in your 9 th month of pregnancy. So don't worry even if you get labor pain
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