31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i have gestational diabetes of 180 what i. Should. Do??? Shall I take honey and dates

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Answer: Consult doctor and start medication first . Avoid sweet things .
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Question: Hi...i have gestational diabetes..so can i have dates?
Answer: Hello! Dates is considered to be safe even if you have sugar. The natural fructose is easily absorbed by the body without raising the levels. Take care
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Question: Hi im 8 months pregnant. I have gestational diabetes of 180.. What should I do to reduce and shall I take 3 dates per day and honey will this cause any issue
Answer: Have oats, bittergourd juice daily. Dates is very good for diabetes. But aviod honey will increase sugar levels
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Question: Hi..i have gestational diabetes..so can i have dates?
Answer: Hello Dates have high sugar content that can spike the sugar levels. Hence it should be avoided.
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