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Question: Hi, I have gestational diabetes from the start of my pregnancy. I started insulin at 3rd month. There is any problem to inject insulin? Is there any problems to my baby?

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Answer: Hello dear, gestational diabetes is itself a problem. I hope that you are taking insulin as per directed by your gynac. Keep trust on your Dr. Your gynac knows your present health condition better than you n me. Diabetes is not good for your baby's development. So control it you have to take insulin n follow your doctor's instructions. wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy. Take care dear
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    Amrutha Anoop700 days ago

    Thank you

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Question: I am having gestational diabetes and taking insulin to control and now it is showing normal readings if taking insulin will labour induced eariler.or is there any problem
Answer: Hi, insulin not induce any labour but your as you are pregnant with gestational diabetes always have a chance of delivery before the time. Most of the women undergoing cesarean delivery with diabetic because of increase weight of baby. But if everything goes normal in your pregnancy and your baby's position and health condition also remain stable and favourable for normal delivery then you can wait till your due date. Hope it helps.
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Question: I have been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes... Will it harm my baby in any way? Is there is any way to get rid of the Gestational Diabetes? And what could be the resons behind getting diagnosed by such diabetes?
Answer: Hi, gestational diabetes is when someone 's sugar levels comes up due to the pregnancy hormones. This happens if someone from the family has sugar and you might have had it from your family. If proper precautions is taken it will not harm the baby .
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Question: I have a gestational diabetes nd my 9th month had started on 11th dec..if there is any problem for baby beacuse of gestational diabetes..pllss tell me..
Answer: Pllllss anyone can reply my ques..it is very urgent for me
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