Few days old baby

Question: Hi i have gained 20kg weight till now..m so worried abt my weight..kya dilvry ke baad ye kam jo jayega??

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Answer: yes.. just try to feed ur baby with ur breast milk as u can.
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Question: Hi..please suggest me easy ways to lose those extra weight that I gained during my pregnancy..I have gained 20kg extra..
Answer: Hello.. Dear weight gain is normal in pregnancy, give your body some time to get back into shape, follow these steps, it will helpful in reducing weight... Exclusive breastfeeding till six months Include more veggies and fruits in your diet, avoid oil, fried foods Go for healthy snack option like dry fruits, makhana.. Limit the intake of carbohydrate, include whole wheat, oats, millets Drink 2 to 3 litre water daily Start exercising but after six months, slowly start with walking then go for mild exercise, yoga will help a lot
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Question: I m 4 month and 7 day pregnant...my height d 5.3 and now my weight s 77...m so worried abt my increasing weight..plz suggest
Answer: Hello! Try having healthy balanced diet. Avoid spicy, oily and high sugar content food. Don't have deep fried food. Have plenty of water. Don't worry if you maintain a little, it will be fine.
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Question: I'm worried abt my pregnancy till now don't have any symptoms
Answer: Have u gone for your first scan..? It is ok to not have any symptoms. All women react differently to diffrrent hormonal changes. So dont worry!
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