1 months old baby

Question: Hi. I have fever. So in that condition can I feed my 1 month old baby. I mean my breast milk is safe for her?

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Answer: Yes of course you can feed ur baby without any hesitation
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Question: My baby 4 month old baby today i felt fever can i have fever tablet? Is any prbm in my baby. I only give breast milk to him
Answer: Hi! Your baby wont get affected dont worry. Have a healthy diet and lots of water, your baby will get all the required nutrients from you through the milk. Even if you catch cold keep feeding the baby will receive antibodies from you which will help him fight any infection and paracetamol is safe in breastfeeding but pls ask the dosage from ur Dr. Good luck!
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Question: i am suffering from fever n severe bodyache. can I breast feed my 1 month baby. which medecine is safe for fever while breastfeeding?
Answer: You can take crocin. There is no issue in breastfeeding your baby.
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Question: Hi i dnt hve breast feed my baby is 1 month 13days old so which i can give her after 3 months
Answer: Hello.dear.. i can absolutely understand , due to some reasons mothers dont get breastfeed , in this case your pediatrician will suggest you to feed your child particular formula feed.. we can also suggests you several names but then as your baby just one month old , it should be prescribed by your pediatrician..before beginning full feeds , observe allergic signs if any.. hope this helps. All the best..
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