13 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi. I have doubt about NT Scan. Yesterday I went to scan testing. Dr said about unossified nasal bone. After I take blood test and urine test. Is there impact of baby. Dr said every woman we can take down screening test nowadays. But I'm worried about only thing is unossified nasal bone. Pls help. It's safe or not. The blood and urine test result report will be give after 5 days. Meantime I want to know. Is there any impact on baby?

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Answer: Dear unossified Menan absent or nasal bone . If it is absent than there is chance of Down syndrome . But you don’t worry some time it can not be seen in normal baby. Be positive . You have given blood and urine sample . Till than be positive.
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Answer: Dear is everything is normal as according to your doctor. Than non need to worry . This blood spot may get dissolved on its own. Take more rest. Do not lift any weight . Do not have sex too. You are taking right medicine . If you are getting more discharge than you need to see doctor .
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