1 months old baby

Question: Hi,i have 23 days old baby and he used to spit after feed ,sometimes he does not burp,what should i do

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Answer: Hi dear, During ur baby's first few months, vomiting is probably caused by mild feeding problems such as his tummy being too full. Babies vomit often in the early weeks as they adjust to feeding and as their bodies develop. They may get reflux coz the muscular valve at end of the food pipe which keep food in the stomach is still developing. All u can do is give ur baby burp after each and every feed so that he can digest the milk easily.
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Question: Hi doctor... My baby is 1 month and 15 days old he spit up alot even if he burp after feeding then also. Sometimes he spit up like curd type and sometimes while feeding he spit upa whole milk. He strectes body and his face becomes red and feels like he is restless . Please suggest what should i do.
Answer: Try to keep the baby upright for 10-15 min after feed even if the baby has burped.. spit ups are quite common.. Don't worry
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Question: My baby spit up milk after feeding though i burp her...what should i do??? She is 27 days old
Answer: Hello! Dear this is nothing to worry. Babies tummy is very small and a little pressure on the tummy can let the baby bring out milk. Hence it is common do not worry much. Take care
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Question: my baby is 40days old he does not burp what should i do
Answer: hold ur baby and put her towards ur shoulder and then pat on her back and move ur hands from up to down with giving pressure so that stomach gets pressed and it will be easier for her to burp. similarly u can put ur baby on ur one lap with stomach facing ur lap and then same movement.
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