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Question: Hi, I have cyst in my ovary doctor told me for labroscopy I m worried it can or not. Can anyone suggest me the doctor for treating POCS in Bangalore.

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Answer: As far as i have heard plz dont go for laproscopy if u havent had any child yet.. Because its a very painful procedure.. I will suggest go for ayurvedic treatment for few months.. It was effective in my case... Cysts had disappeared.. Also keep a healthy lifestyle of eating, sleeping n exercising daily.. Try that once then if it still doesnt work then u can decide further
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Answer: Hi dear .. sorry I am not from Bangalore but herein this app you can ask in Bangalore moms group and they will help you in getting best in your town . You can also check in practo app i always find good doctors there .
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Question: I have pain in left ovary side i think it is cyst but after i scanned doctor told that its an egg and not cyst is it cyst or egg
Answer: Veelu Telugu lo questions ardam avavemo English lo adagandi
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Question: i hv 20×16mm cyst in my left ovary... is it ok for me or not... plz tell me
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