Few weeks old baby

Question: hi, I have been given gel for induced Labour.. how long 'll it take for Labour to start..?? bcoz doctors have planned for breaking aminiotic fluid.. is normal delivery possible wn fluid is broken manually.. pls help

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Answer: Yes Normal delivery is very much possible if water is broke manually
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Question: I m 37 weeks pregnant and had a sonography done today.The Amniotic fluid level is less than 5th percentile.I have been advised to have my delivery scheduled asap...However, i have been having no signs of labour as yet.Plz advise what is the best possible solution to have a safe delivery and healthy baby
Answer: Hi dear, Amniotic fluid index(AFI),should be anywhere between 10- 18. Ideally 12 is good. But since your level is borderline,I would advice you to consult doctor.as high AFI could make the normal delivery difficult and you could deliver through c section .also low AFI could give you preterm delivery. low AFI has few reasons: 1- birth defects,which could give kidney problems or urinary tract issues in baby 2-placental problem.if the placenta is not providing enough nutrition to baby,then baby would stop recycling fluid 3-if mother has fluid early leakage 4- maternal complications like diabetes,high BP 5- dehydration Risks: 1- baby could not develop lungs and muscles well.as from second trimester,baby starts to swallow the fluid and recycle it 2- increased chance of miscarriage or still birth 3-preterm birth Treatment: 1- plenty of fluids to be taken.barley water is good in such conditions. 2- some cases IV fluids are administered 3- injecting fluids through amniocentesis 4- amnio infusion through catheter during labor
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Question: I have green vaginal discharge these days. Doc has given medication for 3 days. I experienced little blood discharge today. Is normal delivery possible in case if i get labour pains since i have vaginal infection.
Answer: Dear as you are in your 36 week baby is not mature enough to get delivered. So please visit your doctor and get checked again and take your medicine on time and you can delivery baby normally after 37 week. So till then visit your doctor and take medicine its very important..
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Question: i am about 12 weeks pregnant and due to reduced amniotic fluid doctor suggested me to take Ecospirin 150 tablet. does it help to increase fluid??when i searched the internet its seen that this tablet has been given for cardiac patients? is it safe for me....
Answer: Hi! Ecosprin is not prescribed fr low AFI, it helps in blood flow, it prevents blood from clotting and flow in vessels correctly, pls discuss ur doubts with ur Dr. Hope this helps!
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