40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi.. I have been blessed with a baby girl yesterday through c section.... but till now my breast milk has not been and my baby needs.. suggest some advice or homedial remedy

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Answer: Hi if you are primi it's normal will take 3 days to start minimum. If you want your baby to be on breast feed only don't give bottle feed at all. Let the baby suckle your breast as much possible, as it's only potant stimulus. And u can give formula by spoon n bowl till that time.
Answer: it take 24 to 48hrs for ur body to realize abt baby birth ..den ur body starts releasing milk automatically
Answer: It will produce wen baby suck...
Answer: congrats
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Question: I have been blessed with a baby girl on 1st April through c section but my breast milk has not been till now what to do.. worried. suggest any remedy or any homedial process.
Answer: Congratulations for your little one.. You can try the following recipe : Grind Jeera (100gms) and Saunf (50gms) in a mixy grinder. Take half kg Gur and make it's small pieces... Heat 100gms ghee in a pan.. add grinded jeera and Saunf in it.. then add small pieces of gur.. in few minutes it will start melting.. further add dry fruits and grinded coconut in it.. The above recipe will help in making your breast milk and will provide strength to your body.. Please note that amount of ghee should be less right (around 100gms) now since you have gone through C-section.. I have delivered through normal delivery so my mother mixed around 300gms ghee.. Also, the more jeera you eat, the more milk will be made.. you add bhuna hua jeera on your vegetables.. My gyane also suggested me to take Lactonic granules in milk twice a day.. The above things have helped me a lot. Happy parenting :)
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Question: yesterday I'm blessed with baby girl through c-section
Answer: Congratulations dear by the team of healofy. God bless her.
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Question: Hi God blessed me a baby boy yesterday through c-section. Milk is not coming from my breast. Wt shall I do??? Please suggest me on this regard
Answer: Congratulations dear...not to worry...first 2-3 days very few drops will come..like milk buddys.. When you are starting taking food milk will generate...and take lactose granuails powder..twice daily in milk
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Question: Hi.. I'm blessed with a baby girl yesterday ... but there is no milk production in my breast. .. suggest me some natural ways to induce milk production
Answer: Soak a spoon Fenugreek overnight and drink that water in morning and eat that fenugreek.garlic can be boiled with milk and drink it after making it warm.garlic,fenugreek,black urad dal with rice can be cooked as podrige and eat it
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