36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi.. I have a severe pain from my stomach to the legs. I have seen my doctor and got admitted. She suggested me to be on observation till tomm 10 am and gave injections to reduce the pain. She informed to take a call depending on the situation tomorrow. Is it safe for the baby to be delivered now. I just completed 36 weeks today. Please suggest

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Answer: hi dear! so dont worry dear yes its fine for the baby to get delivered now dont worry dear.also the baby's lung will be developed by then dear so there is nothing to worry dear. take care. i hope everything goes well with you dear. dont worry!
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Question: Yesterday I went doc for normal checkup, I have told her that my stomach is becoming tight for some times I have problem that my baby is with cord around the next, she tested my cervix and she told to admit immediately in hospital and gave duradalin injection n betajee injection why my doc suggested those injections n kept in observation for one day
Answer: How many weeks completed? If less than 37 weeks completed doctor wants to stop contractions and prolong pregnancy and if there is 2 loops of cord or loop is tight c section may be required
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Question: I am on 2WW after my Et... Taking gestone injections everyday is very painful... How to reduce the pain
Answer: Hello dear. Using ice packs on the area where you get injected will help in getting relief in pain. I know it is painful but if these are needed you can't help it. Hole it helps.
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Question: My wife completed her 39th week her due date on 27th sep should wait for till the pain come or will admitted her on that date itself? She is like to have chocolates is this okay to have ?
Answer: As long as she dsnt face any complications or labor pain dsnt strt..u don't have to visit hospital..doc cannot deliver a baby on basis of due date until n unless body dsnt show sign of labor or any other complications..
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