30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I have a severe Back pain ....what can I do ....

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Answer: Applying pain relief balms will help reduce back pain during pregnancy dear
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Question: Hello mam I m 21 week pregnancy I have a abdomen pain and back pain.what can I do? I can severe pain
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy i akso face same belly pain i afraid nd consult to dr she said It's normal. As when baby grow uterus akso grow its puts pressure on muscles thats why mild abdominal pain s common so don't worry Taje rest ,avoud carry heavy things nd advised 4 plenty of fluids too nd give warm compres toi . U can try it akso its hekpful . Wear low-heeled shoes or sleepers with good arch support,Sleep on your sides specially left side Keep one or both knees bent. , give warm compress, use maternity belt ,do yoga nd execise ,walking s also helpful..try it If u have sever belly pain consult to ur dr nd go fir scan too
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Question: Severe back pain. What I have to do? Please anyone
Answer: make sure you are taking healthy diet also take a supplements regularly please don't stand for long time don't carry any weight also you can mild warm compress your back with the hot water bottle
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Question: Iam 6 month pregnant i have severe right side pain and back pain what to do?
Answer: Hi.. the best thing to do is having hot water bath.. whenever you feel pain, or mostly before bed time, have a hot water bath with rock salt added to it.
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