2 years old baby

Question: Hi.. I have a 2yr old baby and I am planning to go native on next week. We need to travel by train and it is night journey of 12 hrs. My question is how can i arrange milk for him during travel. Usually I give him cows milk before going to bed and early morning. Please give me some suggestions regarding this. Thank you..

Answer: Hello! You can use tetra pack milk. They are available in small sizes of 200 ml. Carrying then is also very handy and there is no need to store. Also being in tetra pack can be easily stored out unless it is opened. Hence, nothing to worry about it. Take care
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    Solly Joseph116 days ago

    Thank you so much...

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Question: How can I store milk during travel? I have a journey for 18 hrs by train coming week. My LO stopped taking formula milk.she takes only cows milk
Answer: Buy amul milk in small tetra pack. No need to boil it she can drink directly. No need to freeze also. Just open and poor in bottle. One pocket contains 200 ml. Buy as much pockets as she needs.
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Question: Can I give horlicks instead of milk before going to bed for my 2yr old boy??
Answer: Hello! Horlicks and other health drinks are not that nutritional as they project on the screen. These all have sugar which is unhealthy way of gaining weight. I would suggest that you give milk with dry fruits powder. This is much more nutritional and good for your baby. Take care
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