9 months old baby

Question: Hi....i have a baby boy of 8mnth+...he didnt sleep fr long....he wakeup in every 1 hr...n usk bad sota nai h.. Wo day tym me hardly 2.5hrs hi sota h...plz hlp me

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Answer: Dear Agar baby active hai aur khel raha hai toh chinta vali koi baat nai hai.. kai babies kaam sote hai.. so ye bilkul normal hai.. Jab baby thal jaega vo apne aap so jaega aap bas baby ko busy rakhe aur usko time to time feed karte rahe..
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Question: My 2 month old baby he doesnt sleep during day tym he hardly sleeps fr an hour during day is it normal or should i consult a doctor and also every evng tym he starts crying pls suggest
Answer: You can follow these steps.. First pamper ur baby.. make sure u hold him right n feed him well.. try to sing to ur baby n put him on baby swing or bed whatever u prefer.. wear proper clothing..u can also talk to ur doctor for help
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Question: plz hlp me my baby boy is 20 days old.. he didnt sleep at night.. from 11pm to 6am he didnt sleep a bit.. after 6am he sleeps.. is there any option from any1 how can i make him sleep
Answer: There is 1option that when he sleeps in morning wake up him aftr some time and when he wake up play with him ,don't sleep him in morning vry lot
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Question: Hi i have 4 months boy baby. He didnt sleep continuously. He sleep just 30mts then wakeup and just start cry. I am giving milk properly then only put sleep. But he couldnt sleep.plz suggest me
Answer: Hi dear! Dont worryy..its normal ! Even my baby do the same at this stage.😀 If you are sure that your baby is properly fed,no ailments like cough and cold and no problm with the elimination pattern,your baby might have some other needs! As every baby craves for more mothers love;give him that. Just check that do your baby sleeps more time while you sleeps along with him or while you breast feed and give him nice and soothing warm stroks over is smooth hair and body !..give him more skin touch .try this in your baby.He may respond to this technique Another management is make your baby a tough schedule! Make him to play more times and give him oil massage and warm bath.Following it give him a comfortable sleeping mattress and drark and peaceful environment to sleep.He may sleep quite longer😊
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