6 months old baby

Question: Hi... I have a 6th month baby... She is putting finger in her mouth from 5th month onwards... Now she had habitated and not letting her finger out of her mouth... If we removed it forcefully, she starts crying... What to do... By this she is missing the remaining activities to be done by her... Not started crawling or sitting... Just sucking any one of the fingers... What to do?... And how to handle this situation

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Answer: Hi dear.this is a normal behaviour of some kids you should don't worry about this. as it is a self resolving condition so you just relax . give some toies to your baby.u r baby thumb sucking even after one year babies.femite lotion(dabar company) is best medicine for thumb suking.it is used like nailpolish.may this help full.tq
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Question: how we can quit thumb sucking by baby.everytime i withdraw her fingers but she again start to take her fingers to her mouth.
Answer: Ur baby is 4 months still do just wait for a year, then u can apply anythg sick is spicy, if ur satisfied with my answer plz mark it as useful
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Question: My 4 month baby start putting finger in her mouth frequently.. why she do it nd now wat to do not go into thunb suvking habit?
Answer: hi this is normal habit of many of the babies you should try putting meetings today baby are you should stop the baby by removing the hand every time day baby tries to put the hand so that the baby understands that the baby is not supposed do this
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Question: My baby is around 2 months old. But she used keep fingering on her mouth for last two days because of that she was not drinking milk properly, suddenly while during feeding in between she vomit little bit by putting her finger on her mouth..can you please tell us was that normal or how do we prevent her keeping finger on her mouth
Answer: Yes it's normal ... Don't worry.. try not to make it her habit.. remove and divert when ever she puts fingers.. as she grows she starts everything in mouth don't panic.. keep things clean and dust free
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