Few days old baby

Question: hi i hav 6days old baby and mine is normal delivery i hav still pain in ma vaginal area plzzz suggest

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Answer: Hi dear it is normal to have pain it has been only 6 days for you it can last upto few weeks pain and then it will be normal slowly with time.. Hope this helps!
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Question: it is past 2 month of my normal delivery but still it is pain in my vaginal area?
Answer: Dear vaginal pain can be because of infection so its better to get it get checked by your gynaecologist.
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Question: I had my normal delivery before 5days and I have pain in my vaginal area. Is that normal . Pls advise
Answer: Hello dear... To reduce pain in vaginal stitch after normal delivery,can sit in a tub containing warm water and dettol,for ten minutes will reduce the pain and also apply candid b ointment in that area regularly for a week,it will make the sour to heal and reduce pain, it will be more effective
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Question: Hi my baby is 42 days old n i had normal delivery i still have pain in my sutured area is this normal
Answer: It will take minimum two months for perfect healing. Till then there will be pain but nothing to worry
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