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Question: Hi.. I hav a 82 days old baby...my baby is not waking up in the nighy for milk. He is sleeping for a stretch of even 7 hrs...i try to wake him up but he is in deep sleep..is it ok to leave him sleep...but at day time he is so active and sleeps less

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Answer: No please wake him up for every 2 hrs at night and give milk.just pinch his ears or legs to make him suck.it is not necessary that he must wake up to drink milk,if he sucks even closing his eyes will also be fine. But feed baby every 2 hrs in night and 1.5 hrs in mrng.
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    Jenifer Edward123 days ago

    I tried waking him up but he is fast asleep

Answer: Don't force feed your baby at all. Baby knows when he's/she's hungry and can wake from sleep if angry. I have a niece to whom we woke every two hours to feed and her weight is decreased due to Disturbed sleep and therefore by indigestion associated with less sleep
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Question: My baby sleeps 4 to 5 hrs without feed. Tried to wake him up but he is in deep sleep. Plz help me what to do how to wake him up
Answer: Newborn usually sleep more but you should feed every two hourly. If the baby didn't wake up you should fed him. Express milk and feed him every two hourly with spoon and bowl. I use to do same with my baby he too use too sleep lot and o would feed him by expressing milk.
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Question: my baby sleeps so long in noon time he sleeps around 10 and wake up after 3/4 pm. is it fine? i try waking him up in between to feed but he do not wake up is it normal? at night he sleeps very less so feeding at night is ok..but in noon time he sleeps for more tha 5 hours. he is 5 day old baby.
Answer: Newborn use to sleep for long time but u should not leave him to sleep without feeding for so long . U should feed him every 1.5 to 2 hrs interval it's very important . Take a light wet cloth and apply it in his fingers and toe he may slightly wake up . Else change the diaper it will make him awake .
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Question: My baby is one and half months old. Suddenly he sleeping too much and having breast milk less. Even if i try to wake him after 3 to 4 hours of sleep, he is not waking up. Should i leave him to sleep and feed when he wants?
Answer: Babies are not same in all the months, some months they used to sleep more, in some months less, sometimes they sleep at mornings, sometimes at nights so don't worry, but u should feed them every 3 to 4 hours even they are sleeping, woke up them and feed them
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