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Question: Hi i had urine test in that the result is light pregnancy but doctor told we cannot consider but i had a vomiting

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Answer: Hi,you should wait fir a week ,get your blood beta hcg test to monitor the growth of the hormones as reqd in pregnancy and accordingly consult to the Dr.
Answer: Light preg? U mean light 2nd line? Even if tje 2nd line is light, that means you are pregnant.. May be you can do a blood test for beta hcg to confirm
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Question: I had checked the urine test. The result was positive. But i went to hospital. Their had checked the blood test.. that blood test result was pregnant negative.. i am confused sadly.. my last period date was 25th February.
Answer: Hi dear the urine test result is positive then the blood report should have been a positive Idli but unfortunately blood report gives you an 100% accurate result hence we need to go with that report but your doctor my also prescribe you a few other tests to check as to why the report of urine has become positive .. Hope this helps!
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Question: I am 5week pregnant urine test showed a light color line can i check the home pregnancy test in any urine or only first urine
Answer: Hi dear it is always advisable to check it with ur Morning first urine as it contain highest hcg which will give h accurate status so better prefer morning g first urine. U r pregnant even if the line is in light color.
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Question: When to visit a doctor after pregnancy test done in home . The result is positive .
Answer: Hello.. after confirming your pregnancy with home pregnancy test,it is better to consult doctor within a week,she will prescribe you folic acid tablet which will help your baby in controlling neural tube defects,and for further test
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