14 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi i had seviour vomtings wat iam taking within secs r mins i vomit if i take water dat water also i vomit plz suggest me i have lot of weakness

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Answer: Oh dear... I understand your situation... My doctor had given me medicine to prevent vomiting.. Though it did not help completely but to certain extent it worked... You can talk to your doctor about it... Also do not stay empty stomach... Have small meals at regular intervals.. Eat something as soon as you wake up even before you leave your bed.. Have sips of water to keep self hydrated... Have coconut water in the morning... It really works wonder dear.. Take care
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    rizwana zafar424 days ago

    thank u for ur kind words iam. taking vomit medicine but it doesn't work ya iam taking coconut water and glucondD every day my stomach is empty wen i sleep iam not able to eat anything with vomits

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Question: What ever i eat r drink i vomit within 1hr even water also....my throat is always burning ......wat s remady fr tis ...any 1 plzz hlp
Answer: Hi morning sickness or nausea is common during pregnancy due to rapid hormonal changes  happening inside your body ,it may stay for up to 4 the month Following are a few remedies to help you fight nausea Have a banana or an apple the first thing in the morning like as soon as you open your eyes it would help you with nausea as well digestion. A full stomach can trigger nausea so have small but frequent meals Skip spicy,acidic or fried food as it may trigger nausea Have ginger lemon or ginger Tulsi green tea it helps to supress nausea Take proper rest stress can make nausea worse Chew on some mint or Tulsi leaves it would help you freshen your breathe after vomit Try aromatherapy Add a few drops of peppermint oil or lemon balm oil And inhale with deep breath it would help keep nausea at bay Get fresh air Go for a morning walk not only physical activity I'd food for you during pregnancy but fresh air and oxygen would also supress nausea
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Question: I have immense vomiting. Even if I take water I vomit. I can't take medicine. Wat can I do?
Answer: Here are some natural home remedies that can help ease morning sickness during pregnancy A teaspoon of ginger juice may help reduce uneasiness caused due to morning sickness. Chewing on some fresh mint leaves can help you get rid of the nausea. Lemon juice is an effective remedy for morning sickness due to pregnancy.
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Question: Hi madam i had severe vomtings even water could not stay in my stomach what i do nd iam using medicine vlfor vomtings is it effect my baby plz suggest me
Answer: Hi When u wake up at early morning do goggle and vomited in morning it self once .. U will get vomite like colour of green or yellow ... And after that drink one glass of hot water ... U fell better n u did not get the vomite for hole day...... Try it for once ...
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