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Question: Hi i had normal delivery 16 days before and my stitches are not healed yet .How much time it will take to heal?? How they healed faster ?

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Answer: Dear, it will take atleast 1 month to complete heal. Witch hazel is a godsend to new moms. You can mix your peri bottle with ½ water and ½ witch hazel and use it every time you pee, or use it whenever you need to cool the burn... You can wet a pad and place it in the freezer. Apply it to your peri area for 20 minutes or so. This will help cool down the area. Another idea is to soak a pad in witch hazel and place it in the fridge.... Many women with stitches after normal delivery are afraid to have a bowel movement. With your doctor’s okay, use a stool softener to help things come out a little easier.... Clean yourself a few times daily even if you have not used the bathroom. Bacteria can start growing pretty quick, especially if you are bleeding pretty heavily. Go in the bathroom and rinse with your peri bottle and pat dry.
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Question: Hi... How many days it will. Take time to heal the stitches for normal delivery. What care I should take.
Answer: Hello dear, it will take 6-10weeks for the stitches to heal... Make sure you get enough rest and sleep whenever your baby sleeps..keep your stitches clean and dry and use the antiseptic cream prescribed by the gynecologist..go for all your follow up consultation with the gynecologist...use maternity belts as it help in keeping your core muscles in place and holding and strengthening the abdominal muscles in place if worn and used appropriately... Maternity belts also help in strengthening the back muscles... Also eat a good portion of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and calcium-rich foods such as yogurt, cheese, and milk every day... Also include lower-mercury fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna once or twice a week as they are rich in omega 3 which is essential for your body... green leafy vegetables like palak, cabbage, amaranth leaves as it will help in reducing the bloated feeling and relieves constipation... Hope this helps...
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Question: I had normal delivery on 1st Feb. But my stitches have not healed yet. How much time will it take to heal?
Answer: Hi. It takes some time dear. Dont worry sharing some routine to follow to get healed sooner. Keep the area clean and dry. Foment with hot water 2-4 times a day add dettol in water pat dry the area and After that apply a anticeptic cream. Dont walk much. If its important then only walk. Sit straigt and strech your leg out and sit. Never fold your leg and sit. Or keep a lot of space between legs while sitting. Avoid oily and spicy now. After stiches are heald you can start having them again. Hope yout get well soon.
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Question: I had normal delivery on may 10th..my stitches are paining alot..when will they get healed..how long it will take to lead normal life..
Answer: Hello dear, welcome to motherhood, firstly congratulations to you and your family,and god bless your little one.Your stitches should dissolve after two weeks , and you should heal within three weeks to four weeks of your baby's birth . After two months you should be pain-free..But of course this time period may vary.Hope you recovery soon.
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