7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi... i had my pregnancy test last sat firstly it comes negative but after sometime slightly pink color second line appeared... then doc advice me to do blood hcg test... and its result came 50.03mul... now am having bachache and its paining too much sometimes.. am taking folic acid and meftal 500 tabs because may be my doc is not so sure about pregnancy because previously i had delayed in my periods but after Laproscopy is done in feb i had regular periods now doc is telling me to do again blood hcg test on 30th oct what should i do..??? my lmp. was 12th sept

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Answer: u should go for hcg test. its a blood test in which progestron level will be reflected, if u r pregnant figures will increase from last test. this way pregnancy will be confirmed.
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    neha sharma1375 days ago

    ok... thank you so much

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Question: My doc suggest me to do blood test tomorrow and day after tomorrow sonography y he suggest me???? My periods date is 6th sept
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Blood test is necessary to check with your CBC, that is complete blood count which includes haemoglobin and other essential parameters. Sonography is needed to check whether you are pregnant with one foetus or more. If it is twins he will treat you accordingly. Sometimes pregnancy happens in follapian tube which is called ad ectopic pregnancy, and is dangerous to the mother. In that case pregnancy needs to get terminated. Blood test and sonography both are essential at this moment to start your prenatal care and medication. So follow your doctor and don't worry all this is a part of routine checkup. Pls Mark this answer helpful if you find it so. Thankyou.
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