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Hi. I had my last period on 7 Nov. My cycle is of 28 days. I didn't get my periods yet. But I have symptoms of periods like loose motion ,cramps in legs. So wen can I have home pregnancy test?

Hi dear, Since you have missed your periods,it is possible that you are pregnant along with those can check your pregnancy on 14th by then your pregnancy hormones must have risen enough to show positive result in kit.
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    Swati Pavan45 days ago


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Question: Hi I had my period on 7th Nov I will have 28 days cycle but this month I didn't got a period yet. So can I take a pregnancy test at this time
Answer: Hi dear, I would advise you to get it checked around 14 the december.usually a week post missed period is the ideal time to check through by then your hormones would rise enough to show positive result.wish you all the best!
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Question: Lmp was on 10 nov.. with 28 days cycle i didn't get my period till now..can i be pregnant ??? When should i test at home
Answer: You have to test for pregnancy after 45 days from LMP that is exactly after Dec 25
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Question: baby is of 4 months now.......last month I got my periods on 2nd..... I had 28 days cycle before pregnancy.....but I didn't get my periods yet...... worried....i have conceived again or what?
Answer: Periods gets irregular after delivery so you need to take precaution while having intercourse.If you have taken precaution then no need to worry,if not then get it checked.i hope it helps
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