29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I had my growth scan yesterday.. My placenta is low lying completely covering cervix.. Should I be on bed rest or I can be normal.. Kindly advise

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Answer: Hi, you need to be on complete bed rest. This is a complication in pregnancy and can result in bleeding or preterm labor. There is no medicine and only way out is to take complete bed rest. Chances are there that it might move up as you advance towards your pregnancy.
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Question: Hello, I am just diagnosed with posterior marginal low lying placenta. Can i walk a bit or should be completely on bed rest?
Answer: Hi dear,. You ideally need to be on bed rest,but walking to.yor bathroom etc cab be done..take necessary precautions like no lifting heavy objects or avoiding sex too.
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Question: I had my NT scan today, dr. Said i had low lying placenta. Should i be on bed rest? Can i go to work? What precautions should i take so that placenta moves up?
Answer: Hi dear. Low lying placenta means that yiur placenta is attached towards the lower side of uterus. You can take as much rest as you can. Strictly avoid lifting any heavy objects. Don't bend your body forth.. Don't jump. You can do only light work, avoid any kind of hectic schedule. Try to do bed rest if possible. Avoid all food which can trigger early labor. Be a little mpre careful before doing and eating anything. Good luck
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Question: At 20 weeks anomaly scan, I had low lying placenta completely covering OS.. will it go up?
Answer: Hi dear as your Placenta is completely covering OS, it is very risky and you have to take absolute bed rest. As uterus will increase in size, Placenta can move upward but chances of risk is there always in your pregnancy. take care.
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