32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi..I had growth scan today AFI is 21 is ths ok? N baby wt is 1.9 kg

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Question: today had my scan baby wt is 3388grams and have afi 19.1 is it normal ..what is the risk of having high afi..plz reply
Answer: Hello! Having more of amniotic fluid is not always something to worry about. But sometimes, it might create problem like Pre-term Labor Premature Birth Excess fetal growth Placental abruption (the placenta detaching from the wall of the uterus before you give birth) Postpartum hemorrhage Umbilical cord prolapse (the cord falling out of the vagina before the baby) Fetal malposition Stillbirth In such case try to take rest as much as possible.  If you feel breathless: try and avoid climbing stairs as much as possible do household chores in small bursts, and take your time if help is offered, accept it, and get plenty of rest It may be that you have heartburn because your uterus is pushing against your stomach. To ease this: eat small amounts regularly try not to lie down straight after a meal don't eat just before going to bed don't eat or drink anything which makes your heartburn worse, such as spicy food try to sleep propped up in bed ask your doctor for an antacid prescription Polyhydramnios will probably make you feel anxious. It may also make you feel on the large side. But there are ways to lessen your anxiety: Gather as much information as you can, as early as you can, at your antenatal classes. Find enjoyable distractions. If you're too self-conscious about your size to go out, invite friends over, or catch up on DVDs. Take care
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Question: today gonethrow with growth scan and baby wt is 1910 week 32 is it OK or not
Answer: Hi. Your babies weight is very good. At 32 weeks babies weight around 1.7 kg . So go an as you are. But do take care that your baby wont be over 3.5 kgs as it would be very dificult in normal delivery and if reaches 4kg doctors would go for c-section.
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Question: I had growth scan today baby weight 1.711kgs Afi is 13 placenta grade 2 maturity is it ok mam anything wrong in baby
Answer: Edema is common in pregnancy .but still we can reduce by walking ...elevate foot while sleeping .take less salt diet.don't sit for long time .
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