32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi .. i had french fries bcs of high craving ...is it harmful.? Now am 31 week pregnant...i am little worried now ....kindly help.?

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Answer: Hi dear, Relax,it is okay to fullfil cravings during pregnancy.french fries are harmful ,they come under junk food.they are deep fried and high in sodium.better to avoid in future.it will unnecessary make you gain weight.it won't harm your baby.
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    radhika kp824 days ago

    Thanks dear

Answer: Absolutely can be avoided because junk foods aginomoto and caffeine is bad for health. But for craving u can take a very little which gives u satisfaction. I also has 5 ml coke at my early pregnancy.. Due to food cravings
Answer: No they are not harmfull if u took thm in a little amount. As they are fried and oily so just have them in a little amount. Otherwise its allright.
Answer: No..not at all...no need to worry
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Question: Can i eat french fries..im 15 week pregnant now..pls rply
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