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Question: Hi ..I had ectopic pregnancy and my right fallopian tube has been removed.I am trying to conceive after that ..please let me know what are the chances of becoming conceive with one fallopian tube?

Answer: Hi Dear! Conception is possible with one tube, because you can ovulate from one tube whereas other is removed, sincr you are planning a pregnancy now, i would strongly suggest to meet your gynea and discuss the things you need to maintain this time and if possible be on medication to improve ovulation which can increase your chances of conception.. Hope this helps!
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Question: My right one follupian tube is block bcz of ectopic pregnancy .so how to conceive with one tube?
Answer: I had an ectopic pregnancy last year... My left tube was removed then... It's totally same As how you would be conceiving with both tubes.. Just follow your gynac... Keep track of ovulation... Keep contact from 8th to 16th day of your period.. Have healthy diet.. Keep stress at bay... Enjoy time with your husband.. Everything will be great..
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Question: Hi ..i had a ectopic pregnancy in my right tube left tube is normal ther any chances of getting pregnant again or not please give me suggestions if any chances are there thank you
Answer: Hi dear, I am so sorry to hear about your ectopic pregnancy.i have heard cases where women have conceived successfully post ectopic pregnancy.since your left tube is normal,you have chances to conceive.its just you need to try every month.please donot loose hope.although once ectopic case would increases the chance of another ectopic too.but as I said I have friend who conceived successfully post ectopic you could also have chance.
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