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Question: Hi, i had c-section on june 28, i had bleeding till last week (6th). Then it stopped, again it's bleeding today, is tat fine????

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Answer: Hi! Its normal, you may start having your periods regularly. Yes it is common for few mothers to not have periods regularly. For breast feeding mothers also it is very common, the various hormonal upsurge take sometime to get stabilised in the body. However few mothers get it right back within a month after delivery. You need not worry its completely normal, even i had experienced the same. When i heard that from people in my time i was happy that it wont come soon but it came and stayed. I had a discussion on this with my Doctor she said its absolutely normal to get it back. Your hormones are stabilised and body is working on its cycle, nothing to worry. Good luck!
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    chandana a1126 days ago

    Thanks a lot

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