2 months old baby

Question: Hi.... I had c section, my periods has come after one month of delivery, is this common??? Or is there any problem?? Should I consult doctor or not?

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Answer: Dear its completely normal. Many moms do get their period right after delivery bleeding. I also get it same way. So there is nothing to worry about it . Its completely normal..
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    SANDHYA BALIGAR865 days ago

    OK thank you.

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Question: After delivery i did not get periods i have 13months old son and i am in feeding is there any problem or should i consult doctor
Answer: No dear its okay periods will be not come soon of u feed ur baby. I got my periods after 1 yr of feeding so nthng to worry
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Question: after delivery my periods start from next month but now the date has crossed but periods is not come so there is any problem or serious matter?
Answer: Hello dear.. when you deliver, so body takes time to get back to its natural menstural cycle.. it will atleast need 6months to get back its normal routine. But sometimes you can concieve in between too if you are not having protected sex. If you have taken test and its negative then just wait for few days for periods to come.. if u hv delivered normally or c-section, menstural cycle to return takes time. Hope it helps..
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Question: After my delivery I haven't had my first periods.. Should I consult doctor or wait another one month?
Answer: hi , you should wait for couple of months. first period after delivery could varies from 2 to 3 months to more than 12 months . Or else you can contact your gynecologist, medicines are there to start your periods again.
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