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Question: hi i had c section delivery and has passed 20 days and vaginal discharge has become yellowish but suddenly today heavy blood discharge for 7 min continuously....is it normal or any danger signal???? pliz reply I m scared

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Answer: bleeding is normal. after delivery bleeding kabhi bhi ho sakti h.
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    Thank u

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Question: Hello i had c section 1 month back..my bleeding has stopped but heavy yellowish watery discharge is there ..is it normal ?
Answer: H dear,white discharge is normal after delivery . yellowish discharge means there could be some vaginal infection. You should wash that area frequently with water and use just a mild soap Keep it dry.wear only cotton ugs Avoid denims and tights Apply cocunut oil If still it disent help you should consult your de
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Question: I had a c section 25 days ago. Suddenly bleeding has become heavier from last two days. Kindly help me
Answer: In my case same thing happens....like first heaven bleeding this it down gradually then again heavy bleeding for 4_5 days the again it slows down ..... don't worry for me I bleed for around 55 days ...and I was having normal delivery
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Question: I am pregnant about 7 weeks.. Today suddenly I had blood discharge like period one... Very scared is it normal
Answer: You should contact your doctor immediately. Heavy blood discharge is not normal.
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