11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i had bleeding last month on 21st of August. I had been admitted to hospital for 3 days. Now doctors have recommended bedrest for 1 month i.e till 17th September. I dont no what to do. Bit worried.

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Answer: Have bed rest and take medicines on time everything will be all right
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Question: Hi this 17th 3 months will get completed. I had some clots passed last month on 21st August. Was admitted in hospital for 3 days to stop from bleeding. But now i have recommended for 1 month bedrest from Doctor. So i am bit scared. I don't no what to do.
Answer: Do not take tension,, it's not good for you and baby. Take rest as doc has told. Bed rest during pregnancy is given so that your body can support the changes. Listen to good music and stay positive.
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Question: I'm bleeding ( just spotting) from11th September to 16 till yet..last period was on 14 August..
Answer: Please take a pregnancy test in the next one weeks time if your bleeding doesn't increase... Because sometimes during implantation of the fertilised egg spotting can occur...
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Question: Till yesterday had severe vomiting admitted in hospital had drips, today no symptoms for vomiting, worried alot, baby in womb will be fine or not
Answer: Hi.. Dear every pregnancy is different.. It is not necessary to feel uneasiness, vomiting, fatigue, nausea in pregnancy.. For some pregnancy runs too smooth and normal, as like any other day.. You don't have to worry about it, until your health is fine and your baby's growth is good.. There is no danger to you or your baby..
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