7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I had been for first check up yesterday.. V found sac but Dr said to come after 2 weeks as v not found baby in sac.. Is in normal? Everything ll be ok?

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Answer: Yes this happens to some women visit doctor as a suggested next week.
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Question: Is it ok to have tofu?? I had it like 3weeks before but someone told me today that we should not have tofu in pregnancy. What to do. Will everything be fine🙄
Answer: Hi sis.. you can have in moderation, there's no problem..see to that its fresh.. take care.
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Question: Hi I usually drink milk every morning in empty stomach as I will be hungry...it was normal till two days before but from yesterday I started vomiting as soon as I drink milk...y sudden change I don't understand...can anyone help what to drink in the morning instead of milk or milk is itself fine....
Answer: Take bread or rusk along with milk.. Or add some horlicks like in milk
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Question: When cervix open In first pregnancy because yesterday dr done my internal checkup but he said cervix is close
Answer: 10 CM but not open means normal delivery not possible
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