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Question: Hi, I had a test of AMH in the last month in which the result came out to be 0.38. So, just want to know what is meant by this value?

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Answer: hi dear! Low AMH does not indicate infertility but is a determiner of reduced reserves of ovaries. Fertilization may still occur successfully in certain cases, but with increasing age, the chances of miscarriage and abnormal embryo development are also higher. so do visit your doctor as dhea tablets has to be given to you dear. take care dear.
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    Anonymous Mom92 days ago

    Thanks for the reply. Can it be increased? please suggest

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Question: Want to know what should be the hcg in blood test report for positive pregnancy result
Answer: Hi dear, an hCG level of less than 5 mIU/mL is considered negative for pregnancy, and anything above 25 mIU/mL is considered positive for pregnancy. All the best!
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Question: I am in 7th month. But i am worried about the health of the baby. I had my ultrasound at 12 weeks the nt value was 2.8 mm which was little.high than normal then i had dual marker test which came out to be at low risk . And also i had my colored ultrasound every body part of the baby was normal. But since the 12th week ultrasound which result in little.high nt value i am worried about any abnormality in the baby.
Answer: Hi dear enter value little higher doesn't confirms any abnormalities in your baby. When my best friend was pregnant , her nt scan value was 3 mm but she gave birth to a healthy baby. As your Marker test shows low risk and your doppler scan also give you a positive result ,don't worry eat healthy, think healthy ,drink adequate amount of water, everything will be fine. Take care, all the best.
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Question: My wife had a miscarriage in october so doctor suggested to have a TORCH Test , So torch test came as a postive result , what shiuld we do now and want to know after treatment Is my wife can be pregent or again it will be miscarriage?
Answer: Don't worry. Just take the medicines or treatment regularly as prescribed by your doctor. Once the treatment is done. You will conceive. By doing this your wife and baby will be healthy.
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