10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, i had a miscarriage earlier at 10 weeks. This time doctor prescribed me susten 200 twice a day morning and night. 2 hours after taking the tablet i feel giddiness and bp levels falls down to 95/60 approximately. Shall i continue to take the tablets? Does low BP effets baby growth or is this normal ?

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Answer: Hi, you shouls inform this to your dr. Its a serious thing as low Bp us nit a good sign. Take care
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Question: What is the purpose of susten 200? I taking this tablet right from the start of pregnancy. Doctor advised me to continue till 9th month.
Answer: Progesterone basically to support your pregnancy hormonally
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Question: Hi, I am 12 w 6 d pregnent..my doc prescribed me Enzyplex tablets twice a day... Is it okay to take this tablet
Answer: Dear Enzyplex Tablet is used for Supplements, Arthritis, Migraine headache, Diarrhea, Alzheimer disease, Diabetic neuropathy, Blood clot, Weakness, Pernicious anaemia, Blood clotting. So it would be better to ask the doctor for what reason she has prescribed you this. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello doctor im in my 26th week... my bp is fluctuating now is 138/70 ..dr adviced me to take some bp tablets labeholol twice a day after that im feeling dizzy and bp falls as 90/60 is it safe to continue with tablets....or i should avoid there advice
Answer: Plz do consult the doctor.....don't take risk...it is very serious b.p in pregnancy pls go to hospital
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