5 months old baby

Question: Hi i got small peanut size cyst near breast i asked doctor she said it nothing to worry but i am little scared what to do?

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Answer: Hai,u don't worry if u feeding means its a milk duct clogged,galactocele,it cure itself,I too face same problem nw am free from cyst.i don't do nothing.still u scare better u can do ultra sound.
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Question: I am 5week pregnant and went to scan today doctor said baby size is small what to do. Little bit confused
Answer: Dont wry 5 week mein to kuchh nai pta chalta.....baby ka heartbeat or proper size 8th week tk pta chalta hai
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Question: I have little stomach pain I asked to my doctor about it she said it's normal during pregnancy. Plz help me what should I do.
Answer: cramps and little stomach pain is normal during pregnancy as ur baby is growing and making place for itself.. The pain is because the uterus is expanding for the growing baby.. so do not worry as long as the pain is mild/little
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Question: My doctor said that baby's size is smaller. But no need to worry. My date is 25th but she told that it will be probably by 10th. Is Small size a great worry
Answer: It's normal no need to worry when baby is so small it's little bit difficult to handle after she/he born that's all .nothing to worry. be happy
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