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Question: Hi I got marrid on 11th may this year my periods wr regular till now but last month on 7th July I got periods wich wer 15days late then my date I had all symptoms of pregnancy in those 15days but then I got periods now this month I m again 5days late what should I do??

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Answer: Hello, Dear there can many reasons for late period. Sometimes because of stress , medication or just hormonal changes can cause this. But if feel all the pregnancy symptoms that are because of hormonal changes. When your hormone are imbalanced then your body acts strangely. You will get nausea, smell sensitivity and all. There is nothing to worry when period come it all gets ok. But if again it's 5 days late then just wait for more 10 days if it didn't come then have pregnancy test and consult with your doctor to know the reason...
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    ASMA MANDAVIYA898 days ago

    Ok thank you so much dear

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Question: Hi I got my late period on 13th July then I done iui on 27th July till now I didn't get periods...and I didn't get any symptoms for pregnancy
Answer: I can understand your curiosity. You need to wait for one week to ten days from the day you missed periods to get results. Take first urine sample and pour in kit. If you see two lines it says you are pregnant. If you see one line it says you are not pregnant. If you see no line then the kit is not working. Light pink color line also means you are pregnant. Kit tries to detect hcg from your urine.All the best
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Question: I got delivery on aug 24th 2018 n i got 2nd period on oct 20th 2018 for 5days. Till now i haven't got periods is it ok..
Answer: Hi dear, It's absolutely happened with me too.i got my periods on 3 rd month it self.then had a gap of 4 months and then again for my periods.i was brestfeeding it was also need to be careful about having sex now.always take precautions.even if you have no periods,you are still ovulating.sonto avoid any unnecessary pregnancy,take precautions.
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Question: i got my periods on 15 june 2018 then next month i got my periods on 12 july ..when will be my fertile period start this month??
Answer: Generally ovulation occurs from 14 to 26 days from the day of periods 26 July to 10 August are your fertile days dear approximately If you want to know exactly you need to order ovulation kit It's a urine test You have to maintain a record of the strips you used to test The day when it's the darkest is the day you gave ovulated dear You can plan on that day Position also is very important for getting results soon Missionary position,doggy style are some examples to conceive fast dear Drink coffee especially black coffee helps a lot All the best dear
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