1 months old baby

Question: Hi , i got nipple crack when i am feeding my baby i am getting pain a lot wt can i do for that pls tell

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Answer: Hello dear, The cause of sore, cracked nipples can also be from a yeast or Candida infection in the baby or the mother or both. ... If the nipples become cracked or bleed, the latch may need to be corrected. Women are advised to keep on breastfeeding, as it will actually help the nipples heal. (continued) gently rub your nipple on your baby's lips to encourage him to open WIDE, you must get as much of the nipple in the mouth as you can, again aim toward the roof of the mouth. The baby should never just suck on the tip of the nipple (that will destroy your nipple quickly) the areola needs to be in the mouth too. If the latch isnt good, unlatch by inserting your finger in the corner of the mouth (like a fish hook) to break the suction. Try to latch again. If your nipples are already injured ie: lacerations, cracked, bleeding, it will take 1 - 2 weeks to completely heal them upon correctly latching every single feeding, along with using lanolin cream. Good Luck and dont give up.
Answer: Apply breast milk on your nipple. If you feel pain while feeding remove your baby's mouth from your nipple and try again. Push your entire nipple in your baby's mouth. Once the baby realizes that he/she can only get milk in this way, they'll get trained.
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Question: When am giving feeding am getting full pain on nipple..my nipple became red what can i do?
Answer: Baby is not latching properly that's why u r getting pain.. baby should latch nipple and areola of the breast means 1cm around the nipple.
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Question: hi please suggest me what to do for crack nipple as its paining lot while feeding
Answer: For cracked nipples, you need to massage nipple area with breast milk whenever you get time. And you can apply nipcare ointment after every feed and you need to clean with water before feeding. But cracks will not go immediately, we need to bare pain few days. And make sure baby is sucking entire nipple part or not. If not you need to massage entire nipple and try to help baby to suck entire nipple part. I have also faced same problem. With above approche I resolved crack pain in few days.
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Question: My nipple as been crack very badly in that only am feeding how can I cure pls give me a solution
Answer: Hi dear you can get nipple care ointment or you can apply lukewarm desi ghi just after feeding your baby when you are going to feed a baby next time make sure that you wife of your breast well you can also apply honey on your breast it's also very good in getting relief from nipple cracks
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Question: I have crack in my nipple..... Its getting pain while baby suck milk.... Wat to do
Answer: Hi..U can apply breast milk before and after the feed.
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