28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i got my NT scan report.. it says that translucency is 1.6.. is it normal ? My dr. Didnt say any thing.. she said it is normal .. no need to check any thing.. please advice me

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Answer: Yes normal please do not worry below 2.0 is normal do not worry
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Question: My NT scan and anomaly scan are normal,trisomy 13/18 is at low risk,Dr says that no need of amniocentesis..is there chances for syndrome?
Answer: hi dear! nt scan and the anomaly scan are a diagnostic test to see if your baby can be at a risk for developing any syndromes it is not a confirmatory test. so if this test would have shown high risk then for confirmation we would have told you to do amniocentesis to confirm the diagnosis. and if at this initial stage it is showing a low risk chance then there is no way you can have the syndrome dear. so dont worry or stress i can understand you getting worried . but dont worry . take care. i hope this information is helpful .!
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Question: Hello dr. During NT scan .. My nuchal translucency is 1.2mm is it normal???
Answer: A baby with an NT of 1.3mm is within the normal range. The baby with an NT of 2.9mm is also within the limit of normal range.
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Question: My NT scan report is 1.6 mm it is normal
Answer: Hi,Dear Congratulations for your pregnancy, NT scan measurement below 3mm is totally normal. So, no need to Worry.
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