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Question: Hi.... I got married for husband works foreign.... Last may he came to india... Since June we are consult doctor... In June he have low sperm.... Now he has 60 count and 55 motility.... My self I done tube test... It's good.... Last 3 months continually I checked follicular study.... It's good... In December doc said at any time u ll get pregnant..... But that 3 months get over.... Still no positive result.... We feeling bad now.... Wat can I do nxt

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Answer: No problem I am also facing same problem nynu ma husband dhagaraki vylanu akadha medicine use chysamu now i am conceive ma marriage ayi 5 years complete ayide enka 3 months use chyode apudeke avakapoty medicine change chystaru definitely meru conceive avutaru God ni trust chyode All the best
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Question: Hi I got married 5yrs....last June my husband has low sperm count.... Now it's increased... Last December sperm count is 60 and motility is 55....doc said no problem wait 3 months.... U ll get pregnant.... This is the 3rd month I got period.... Wat can I do.... Can I continue the treatment or stop..... What ll i do
Answer: Nice for for ur patience....pls wait 3 months because healthy sperm and egg produces healthy baby...
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Question: I am 23 and I undertaken treatment since last 6 months cause of pcod. Then I took medicines up to 3 months. The doctor scanned me for follicular study at 19/08/18. Then she said to have intercourse for four days. I tried. Now am waiting to get pregnant. Will I get ????
Answer: Do not worry if you are taking your PCOD medications as well as the important multivitamins and ovulation drugs these all help to balance your hormones and achieve a pregnancy once the follicle study is done and you achieve a perfect egg size. Usually 4 to 6 scans are taken during your cycle in order to understand your ovulation and achieve the optimal egg size for fertilization. Do not worry Wait for 15 days.
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Question: I got married last year june. We never had proper sex till date i am not sure if we had and i got hypothyrodism n i get tired. I am annoyed when i think about sex and he too couldnt complete the course fully. Both are employed and with lot of stress we didnt of having a baby. We are now in 30s late marriage
Answer: Don't worry. Hypothyroidism can be treated by proper medication. You can consult with endocrine specialist. Based on your thyroid levels he will prescribe you proper dosage of medicine. It is obvious that you get tired because this is one of the symptom of hypothyroidism and getting tired easily is showing that your thyroid levels are not balances. Since you both are working it is normal that you both are stressed by your respective jobs but you need to handle it by your own as you cannot conceive if your in stress.. You guys need to plan your days accordingly.. Organize small small meeting outside, give small surprises to each other, do the things that your partner likes, arrange for picnics on weekends.. You both need to spend time with each other...
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