1 months old baby

Question: Hi, I got lot of stretch marks on my stomach. I am unable to wear sarees, it looks odd when someone find it out. So please suggest me some oil to get rid of stretch marks

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Answer: Hi, do not worry, there are natural ways to reducing them.stretch marks eventually get lighter with time but will never disappear completely.massaging the affected areas with oils like olive oil, vit E oil, castor oil make your skin smooth and help reduce the stretch marks.applying aloe vera for 15 min promotes healing and soothes your skin.use fresh gel rather than available in market.honey also helps in reducing stretch marks.alternate your shower between hot and cold water for micro circulation.drink plenty of fluids.take care
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Question: Hi mom's For me it's 8 month of pregnancy now I have got stretch marks Is it common to get stretch marks before delivery ?
Answer: Very usual to have these, it might become more noticeable until delivery. Some get more and some get less. Use virgin coconut oil twice a day, that's best to moisture the skin. Do not use any other lotion or cream, they usually contain a product of vitamin A called retino which when absorbed by baby is really harmful chemical.
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Question: I have lot of pressure in my lower abdomen and I am unable to walk is it normal
Answer: Hi sis. I too used to feel the same.. This is due to the growth of the baby which is a good sign.. Each day there's some development and some changes in your body.. Dont worry.. Take care.
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Question: I had c section 20 days back, when can i start to tie my stomach so that it goes inside, my stomach still looks big.... Suggest please
Answer: You can start to tie whenever you feel comfortable.generally stomach will reduce much after bleeding stops
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