1 months old baby

Question: Hi. I got delivered normally from one month back. But from yesterday some skin peeping out from vagina is it normal

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Question: I was delivered on october 23rd normally this month i got periods is it safe
Answer: Hi. Yes its absolutely safe and normal. Some get periods sooner. And some dont get it untill.2 year of delivery. So dont worrg at all
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Question: Hi I delivered 50 days back and for 1 month I got bleeding and stopped now from yesterday again bleeding started is it normal
Answer: Hi dear now ur period is back so don't worry . Alles ure the discharge should be like period but yes some irregularity in period cycle could be fine. Make sure excess bleeding shouldn't be there and if it is then consult doctor as it mah indicates utreus infection.
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Question: Hi yesterday some water discharge from vagina .its my 8th month .is it okk?
Answer: Hi,check this with your Dr as this could be amf leackage which is not a good sign.
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