11 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hi I feel tired but can't sleep at noon..is there any remedy to get sound sleep during day time?

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Answer: Try to sleep on your left side which is good for baby and take more liquids.
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Question: I can't sleep properly at night, even I didn't take nap in day time I feel so tired. Help me how can I get sound sleep?
Answer: Hi dear, Insomnia or lack of sleep could be due to hormonal fluctuations in pregnancy.but certain lifestyle habits could also contribute to it. Donot take any caffeine before sleep.usagw if mobile while sleeping would disturb the sleep as well.make a sleeping time and be regular to sleep at that time exercises can benefit in sleep too.do daily 30 min walk in morning.keep your room light dim.and remove all possible distractions from your room.
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Question: i can't sleep properly at night n feel tired throughout the day. what to do ??
Answer: It is normal dear....ap din me rest Kia kro...koi nhi tale care
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Question: Iam 32 week pregnant.. i can't get proper sleep at night. So i feel more sleepy in noon after meals.. but mother says not to sleep in day time... is there any harm to my baby? What can i do for this... can i sleep for half an hour in day time?
Answer: during pregnancy most of ladies cannot sleep properly throughout night . it's common . it is said not to sleep in the noon because if you sleep in the afternoon then we will get less sleep in the night that's why it is said that you should not sleep in the afternoon during pregnancy . otherwise there is no problem in sleeping in the afternoon it will not harm your baby . I used to sleep in the afternoon because I could not sleep properly in the night .
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Question: I can't sleep at night, but during day time I sleep a lot. I feel extremely fatigue all day night. Is it ok if I can't sleep at night?
Answer: Yes it happens during pregnancy. Take proper rest and eat healthy. Sleeping is not less than a battle in pregnancy. Some mothers face sleeping issue right from the beginning of pregnancy, even i faced same. You have a good head massage with warm oil, this will help you to enjoy deep sleep. Never forget to drink a glass of hot milk before going to bed. Do some meditation, it will help your mind to stay relax and will promote sleep. Keep yourself away from all kind of negative thoughts. Go for a walk daily. Try to find your comfortable sleeping position. Pray to God before going to sleep
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