20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi I feel severe pain and burning sensation below my right breast.... Should I go for an ultrasound or is this common.... How can I cure this

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Answer: Dear it could be Gastritis ,Gastritis is very common during pregnancy.drink plenty of fluids like juices, coconut water, butter milk. avioid spicy and oily foods.you can take syrup gelusil twice daily.if it is severe please visit doctor once
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Question: Hi I've severe pain in my right breast since this morning Is this common or shall I consult my gynecologist.
Answer: Little bit of pain is not a issue in pregnancy but as your saying it sever you should consult your doctor
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Question: I'm 32 week pregnant and when I lay on my right side for half an hour I feel a burning sensation below my ribs on right side,and the same happens when I turn to left side..I feel burning sensation below my ribs on the left side.is it common ?should I b worried?
Answer: hi dear don't worry usually during pregnancy burning sensation acidity gastric issues or all very common providers you should drink more water should also take a milk with honey before bed you can also try taking coconut milk with honey which also help to reduce burning sensation you can also drink tender coconut water everyday avoid eating more spicy food items
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Question: I have burning pain just below right side of my breast I feel very exhausted
Answer: You may have Mastitis which is caused by infection within the breast. In this case the breast becomes tenderness and the painful area may feel warm. The pain is usually described as a burning sensation. Please seek medical assistance as soon as possible
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