5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi i feel bitter everytime want to eat but cant what should i do even i cant drink water also

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Answer: Hi dear, bitter taste in mouth is normal during pregnancy and it makes eating really difficult. Here are five simple ways to get rid of that awful taste in your mouth and regain control of your taste buds: Eat or drink citrus fruit or juice: More often than not, the metallic taste goes away if you consume acids, like citrus. Use a saltwater rinse: A teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of water creates a saltwater solution for you to swoosh around your mouth, neutralizing pH levels and getting rid of that awful taste. Change your prenatal vitamin: Not all prenatal vitamins are created equal, and some lead to metal mouth more than others. Talk to your doctor about switching if you just can’t tolerate the taste in your mouth.
Answer: Hello, Dear it's normal during early pregnancy. So don't worry just eat something you like anything sweet or tangy . Water is important for you and baby both . So increase your fluid intake. Drink fresh juice or anything you like. Eat small meals have snacks. You will feel better soon.
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Question: I am not able to eat or drink anything..even water also i am not ableto drink due to severe nausea and bitter taste in mouth.. weakness is incresed. Feel dizziness while standing..what should i do
Answer: Consult ur doctor da ..now ther is tablets available for vomiting
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Question: I m 8 week pregnant and I m feeling like vomiting even if i drink water what to do ?i feel hungry but cant eat bcoz of vomiting..
Answer: Hello dear...nausea, vomiting , tiredness are common in pregnancy,it can be stopped by following these steps Have breakfast, within a hour of wake-up ,it will reduce morning sickness,and vomiting Always have fruits after meal,it will give you more strength and stamina Drink lemon juice,with salt,sugar it will reduce vomitting For vomiting,you can drink buttermilk,tender coconut,cumin water ,ajwan water it will helps a lot Avoid oily,spicy food,and packed items too,it will cause indigestion
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Question: hi, I am 8weeks pregnant and I am not able to drink much water and feel like vomit everytime I drink water. what should I do?
Answer: bt somehome drink more water be hydrated it's very important ...take more fresh juices buttermilk
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Question: I cant even drink water...because of vomitting sensation...wat should i do?
Answer: Hi Please do consult doctor and take medication as vomitting tablet dont have side effect but it controls vomitting and if you keep taking oit everything and akip diets it ll affect baby growth so taking tablets is good
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