5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi, I experience a lot of bloating and backache in the morning, if you could recommend foods that will reduce bloating, it will be of great help! thanks

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Answer: you can try these home remedies Fenugreek Seeds: A simple home remedy to reduce gas and bloating during pregnancy is to soak fenugreek seeds in a glass of water overnight.The next morning, discard the seeds and drink the water on an empty stomach to relieve stomach pain and gas. This also helps maintain the blood sugar levels. Ginger: Ginger has been used medicinally for many years as it is a digestive stimulant. Chewing a raw piece of ginger after meals is the most effective. However, pregnant women should not have more than 1 gram per day.
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    Shruti Rahul Menon977 days ago

    Thank u... Will definitely try this..!!

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Question: I get lot of hiccups... especially in the morning and at night...what could be the reason. Should i worry?
Answer: hi this could be due to acidity or in digestion you can try that you should take cold milk you can take ginger and honey 1 teaspoon. You can also take peppermint 1. teaspoon twice a day on this should help you you should eat something every 2 hours you should drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water and other Fluids throughout the day
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Question: I am having lot of leg pains early in the morning..what could be the cause for it
Answer: Hello dear, Mussels stretching is the main reason for leg cramps and another body pain..... Stay off your feet. Avoid standing for long periods. When you can, sit with your feet up and occasionally rotate your feet at the ankles and gently flex your feet to stretch your calf muscles. Sleep on your left side. This takes pressure off the large vein that returns blood from the lower half of your body to your heart. Be physically active every day. Take walks, ride a stationary bike, Stand or walk in the pool. Foot massage and reflexology, might help decrease foot , thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy. Also, try to take (2.4 liters) of water a day during pregnancy. Although mild foot thigh and ankle pain during pregnancy is normal, sudden pain that is painful — especially if it's in one leg only — could be an indication of a blood clot. In that situation better to consult your doctor. Hope it helped, Take care urself. ..
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Question: Hi.. I am having lot of acidity, bloating and constant puking feeling throughout the day.. Can someone please help me what xan I do to reduce it..
Answer: Dry roast cumin and make in to powder. Soak this powder over night in water. Morning on empty stomach if you drink this water you can get relief from acidity. I usually do this if having acidity problem
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