20 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hi...i did anomaly scan today... In impression it is suggested for foetal echocardiography... This is for what

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Answer: this is for your baby's heart condition monitoring
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    Roshani Pawar982 days ago

    Is this normal

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Question: Foetal echocardiography is advised in tifa
Answer: Hello dear Fetal echo scan us mainly done by doctors to know if there is any defect in the heart. Also doctor's see the structure and function of your unborn child's heart. If u have diabetes then ur baby is more likely to have heart defect.
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Question: When is the next scan after anomaly scan..I did it in 18 weeks..
Answer: Hi dear u can have growth scan in 28th to 32th week of pregnancy to detect the proper growth of baby as well to see if u have enough amonotic fluid. That helps to know if u r ok for normal.delivery also.
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Question: What is Anomaly scan. My doctor suggested to do it in the end of 5th month
Answer: Hi dear, Anomaly scan is a ultrasound scan detect chromosomal abnormality in babies.it is a must scan post 20 th week.
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