1 months old baby

Question: hi I delivered my second baby girl thru c section on Oct 11th 2017.now I want to reduce my pregnancy weight. please suggest me when can I start physical exercise? best time to start yoga and food to take? tia

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Answer: Q: hi had normal delivery how to reduce belly fat Ans: ways to reduce belly fat :- Lemon water Drinking lemon water after delivery the safest way to detox and get rid of the excess belly fat. Just take some lukewarm water and add some lemon juice and honey to it. Mix together and drink this water in the morning. A combination of lemon and honey with lukewarm water can help to melt the fat thereby reducing belly fat easily. The effects will be visible to you in no time if you keep doing this. Postpartum support belt Using a postpartum support belt can prove extremely good in treating flabby stomach. Using postpartum support belt helps to tighten the abdominal muscles, thus, reducing the stomach fat and also reducing the back pain. The postpartum belt is preferable to lose fat from the tummy area after delivery. Drinking water Drinking lots of water can not only help to keep your body hydrated but it can also help to flush out the excess fat from the system. Besides, drinking water is essential after C-section or a normal delivery it is not only helpful in maintaining the fluid balance but prevents you from overeating. So, perhaps the easiest way to start reducing your belly fat is drinking loads of water. Taking a proper diet On an average, a woman needs 300-500 calories every day. And since you cannot hit your normal workout regime due to the cesarean it is probably a good idea to eat in the proper limit and stay away from junk food. Just eating right itself can go long way in helping you stay fit and fine and reduce the effect of pregnancy on your belly. Go for a short walk Due to the c section or normal delivery , you definitely cannot do an extensive workout as it will negatively affect your abdomen, stomach and your overall health. However, what you can do is go out for a walk in the evening or in the morning for half an hour and even then take it slow. A brisk walk on a daily basis. u can start exercise and yoga after 3 months dear for now u can do these regular things that are very much possible after c section
Answer: baby is just a month old dear and I will not suggest you to start exercise or even think of loosing weight. you had csec better take rest have good diet and after 3-4 months just start walking and after 6 months only start exercising.
Answer: from 6th mnth