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Question: Hi I delivered my baby in May 2017 and I had regular bleeding by June, now I have a spotting not sure it's periods or not since in July I didn't get any bleeding and I'm a breastfeeding mom my baby is completely dependent on me. Will my bleeding effect it's health. Please guide me.

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Answer: No no it w n't harm ur baby.... aftr delivery usually thr will be irregular periods... better to consult once with ur gyn if spotting continues
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Question: Hi, I delivered July 2018..and i am breastfeeding mother. Still i didn't get my periods.. is this a problem?
Answer: no some women do not get their period until they stop breastfeeding their baby .. it is usual that breastfeeding mothers do not get their periods every month on your regular basis but where us some may startup on their periods immediately after their delivery month ... every individual is different if you do not get your periods when you breastfeed your baby it is completely normal and ok you need not worry about. you may start with your periods after one year or after you stop feeding your baby .. it is because of the hormonal changes that takes place due to lactation and after delivery periods will be delayed . don't worry it is normal that you are not getting your periods now
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