Few weeks old baby

Question: Hi..i delivered before a weak through c-section and my stomach is paining a lot..i cannot twist also..i feel very difficult to feed my baby..as i need to sit and feed..any suggestions

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Answer: Hi dear. Mine was the same c section. About a two week before. I suffered from severe pain till 5- 7 days and that was due to the high hopital bed i guess. Dont worry about the pain it wil go away Make sure you know how to get up and get down from bed. If not than ask ur nurse to help u with Never get directly to sleep or get up Do it by side ways. Regarding feeding my mommy helped me with carrying the baby and i fed him by sleeping position for 3 days. After my stiches were cut down i used to sit but not much only for feeding baby. Get help from near ones . It will help in fast recovery
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Question: Hii was delivered through c section n now I hav 41 days baby n due to diet I hav got heat n constipation problem n my lower stomach is paining n feel a lot of hunger stomach not getting ful
Answer: It's normal coz during pregnancy your organs are constantly shifting, your uterus is expanding. Your body is stretching this may cause a little or sometime sharpen the pain. Gas can also cause abdominal pain it may stay at one area or travel from left to right or back and chest. Try eating small and several meals throughout the day and drink lots of fluids. Light exercise may also help to reduce the pain avoid junk and fries foods as much as u can. Constipation during pregnancy is mainly because of hormonal changes. Pregnancy is often accompanied by an increase in the progesterone hormone that causes the relaxation of all the muscles in ur body including intestinal muscles. Slow digestion can also lead to constipation. Try few home remedies to treat constipation like like have warm lemon water, u can have oranges 1 or 3 daily as they are a rich source of vitamin C and beneficial in pregnancy, then u can try prune juice or flaxseed. Drink ample amount if water while including flaxseed in ur diet. Kiwi fruit also u can try as it's high in water and fiber. Just keep urself well hydrated.
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Question: What to do for breast bleeding while feeding baby... 10days before only I delivered a baby through c section..
Answer: You can apply coconut oil and massage . Use nipple sheild for feeding the baby
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Question: Hello.... I had delivered through C-section 2 months back. Can i sit down and can i use indian toilet?
Answer: If there's no pain on the stiches or stomach then no problem using Indian closet
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