Few days old baby

Question: hi I delivered baby boy on. 15th oct through c.section tell tips how to recover naturally and also tell me natural ways to increase breast milk

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Answer: take rest as much possible and eat healthy. you should atmost take care of your stitches till 6 momths. and good diet. after a month start having body massage. have milk daliya, oats, cumin seeds, fennel seeds,dry fruits with milk. and lactonic granules powder 2 spoon in a glass of milk thrice a day for good supply.
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Question: delivered baby girl through c section pls tell me how to recover from surgery
Answer: Hello Congratulations. Aft c section you should eat light and healthy food avoid eating sweet fats and oils. Avoid cold or cough causing food as this can cause her more pain. Follow doctors instructions carefully as this can help the healing process. Do not try to remove the surgical tape if u have any issue go to the doctor removing the tape can cause rupture of stiches and this can cause her more pain and infection.
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